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The Key Laboratory of Special Function and Smart Polymer Materials(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)

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The Key Laboratory of Special Function and Smart Polymer Materials, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is based on the frontier of science and technology in the field of functional/smart polymer materials, and vigorously develops military and civilian dual-use special function/smart polymer materials preparation and application technology. The aims are to promote the overall development of related disciplines, to open up internationally advanced, innovative and characteristic research directions, and to make breakthroughs in the large-scale preparation and application process of functional/smart polymer materials. It will realize the leapfrog development of functional/smart polymer materials in a relatively short period of time.

-Main research directions

The laboratory focuses on the major needs of high-tech fields such as national defense weaponry and electronic information, focusing on our characteristic directions: the high-performance bionic smart and functional polymer materials, field-responsive functional organic materials, molecular recognition functional polymer materials and devices, and structure/function integrated polymer composite materials.

-Efficient and controllable construction method of function/smart polymer

-The establishment of the structure-activity relationship between function/intelligence and structure

-Multidisciplinary collaboration and cross-cutting mechanism for large-scale application of functional/smart polymer devices

-How to realize the structure/function (intelligent) integration