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The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Northwestern Polytechnical University was founded in 1957. It is one of the first bases to carry out polymer science and engineering science research and personnel training after the founding of the people's Republic of China. Through the cultivation and development in the School of Materials, the Department of Chemical Engineering, and the College of Science, a comprehensive system for talent training in chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Polymer Materials has been formed, and a number of high-level scientific research and international cooperation platforms have been built. In November 2019, the school of principles were established independently. The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering adheres to the motto of "honesty, courage and perseverance" and the school spirit of "three practices and one new". It adheres to the school running philosophy of "taking students as the root, education as the foundation, scholars as the key, academic as the soul, and responsibility as the base". The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering relies on the excellent engineering subjects such as the third navigation, materials, machinery and weapons. The school aims at the major needs of the national military and civilian, as well as strives to construct the leading-edge basic scientific problems of chemistry. It is an interdisciplinary, international and high-level research school, which is oriented to the major needs of national defense, with the application of chemical engineering and polymer materials as the main direction.

The school relies on platforms such as the "Soaring Talent Project" and young teacher training classes to build a support system for the growth of young teachers and build a talent echelon with reasonable levels. At present, there are 148 faculties in total, including 40 professors and 48 associate professors, 2 Yangtze River scholars, 2 candidates of the "10 million talent project", 2 "National Youth Talents" candidates, 2 National Natural Science Award review experts, 1 member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 5 New Century Outstanding Talents of the Ministry of Education. In addition, There are 2 famous teaching teachers in Shaanxi Province, 3 winners of the Shaanxi Provincial Outstanding Fund, 2Young Hundred Talentsin the Hundred Talents Program of Shaanxi Province, and 3 outstanding young talents in provincial universities.

Adhering to the mission of ‘relying on the university’s superior engineering disciplines, aiming at major national needs, and realizing the integration of mathematics and science, the integration of science and engineering, and the integration of military and civilians’, our school actively carries out relevant scientific research. In the past five years, nearly 500 scientific research projects of various types have been undertaken. From 2013 to 2020, the number of funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China ranked among the top in the whole university; since 2016, the total research funds of our school have exceeded 150 million; In the past three years, our teachers and students have published nearly 1000 scientific research papers on international journals such as Science, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Chemical Society Reviews, Advance Materials, etc. And more than 110 invention patents have been granted. Win a second prize of National Science and technology Progress Award and 12 provincial and ministerial science and technology Awards.

The school now has established the ‘Key Laboratory of Special Functional and Intelligent Polymer Materials’of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, ‘Key Laboratory of material physics and chemistry under extraordinary conditions" of Ministry of education, Shaanxi Provincial Research Center of functional polymer adsorption and separation engineering technology ’and Shaanxi provincial chemical experiment teaching demonstration center. With the support of the national ‘double first-class’construction, the ‘985’and ‘211’projects, the School of chemistry and chemical engineering has built a college level shared test platform with large-scale advanced instruments and equipment such as two-dimensional imaging X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope, which provides a guarantee for high-level scientific research.

The school actively promotes the process of internationalizationand expands the ways for students to study overseas. Till now, we have signed a number of training and bilateral cooperation agreements withNational University of Singapore,University of Connecticut,Nanyang Technological University,Oak Ridge National Laboratory.It is currently running a joint school with Queen Mary University of London and has been awarded a double master's degree in polymer chemistry and physics and organic electronics in 2019 by MOE. Every year,  several students visit or participate in winter or summer programmes at world-class universities such as the University of Sheffield, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Utah , with funding from the CSC and University.

The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Northwest Polytechnic University will seize the opportunity for the development of basic disciplines, continue to be academic-oriented, take the construction of first-class teachers and first-class disciplines as the goal, strive to achieve new breakthroughs in five aspects of "cultivating innovative talents, introducing high-end talents, leading original innovation, expanding international cooperation, and promoting the integration of science and engineering", so as to build a high-level, research-oriented and international school.