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Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology

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The Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province is positioned to develop polymer reference materials and high-performance resin bases, as well as new processes and new technologies in the preparation of advanced composite materials. It has carried out a large number of basic research and engineering application promotion in many research fields, such as preparation of standard materials, biomedical polymer synthesis, structure and performance, structure and performance of wave-transmitting functional polymers, organic/inorganic functional polymers, shape memory polymers and high-performance engineering plastics and processing and so on, with first-class scientific research and remarkable research results.

Since its establishment, the laboratory has received more than 10 million yuan in annual research funding, and has published more than 200 SCI papers in internationally renowned journals such as ACS Nano, Advance Functional Materials, Macromolecular, and Polymer.

-Main research directions

1.Design and synthesis of specific macromolecules, prepare supramolecular construction

2.Polymer / inorganic hybrid materials and polymer materials processing technology

3.High performance resin matrix composite materials

4.Molecular design and computer simulation of polymer materials